All applicants to the EMCVPA must offer evidence of creative ability and ability to complete tertiary studies through the following requirements:

  • Educational Background
  • Interview
  • Portfolio Assessment/Drawing Examination/Audition

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Apply to EMCVPA 6 Steps(1)

Transfer Admission

The EMCVPA will consider credit transfer for all courses taken through a recognized institution or accredited programme where evidence is given that each course under consideration has been satisfactorily completed with a grade of ‘C’ or higher and that the courses are comparable in content, nature and level of course(s) offered at the College. Grades transferred from another institution are not used in computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA) at the College but credits will be applied towards graduation requirement. See page no for the processes for requesting
transfer credits.

Transfer Admission for International Students

The foreign government or state governmental agency of a foreign country must formally recognize the institution as offering post-secondary programmes comparable to that offered at the EMCVPA. Equity will be maintained between transferred credit and EMCVPA credit.

Transfer from the School of Continuing Education and Allied Programmes

Students who are enrolled or successfully complete credits in the Studio Certificates (30-credit or 60-credit) or any other credit-bearing courses in the School of Visual Arts may have those credits transferred to the full-time degree programme. Students will need to follow the same application procedures for entry into the full-time programme.

Transfer of Credits Earned as a Transient Student

A student enrolled at the EMCVPA is not permitted to take credit work as a transient student at another institution to be applied toward a degree without prior permission from the Director of School. The permission must be in writing, specifying which courses are acceptable and their
equivalence at the EMCVPA. A copy of this permission must be filed with the College Registrar. Students do not need transient approval if they have not been enrolled at the College for two or more consecutive semesters.