What You Need to Apply

We provide the highest quality tertiary education in the Visual and Performing Arts. An education at the EMCVPA prepares students for creative and executive positions in the visual and performing arts and related industries, and as such the College firstly selects candidates who show an aptitude in these areas.

All applicants must offer evidence of creative ability and ability to complete tertiary studies through the following requirements:

  • Educational Background
  • Interview
  • Portfolio Assessment/Drawing Examination/Audition

The Registry: Admissions and Orientation

The Registry is the point of entry for all new and returning students to the EMCVPA and admissions information is available all year round in the Department. Refer to the Registry at ext. 2171 or by email, for the most current admissions information.

Orientation is normally held the week before the commencement of the Academic Year. Orientation is a week-long event which includes new parent orientation, general assembly, freshman’s breakfast, sessions on financial, spiritual, and health wellness, and a welcoming ceremony. Orientation is MANDATORY for all new incoming students.

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EMC COVER Genera Handbook 2021-2022

College Handbook

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Arts Management

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Visual Arts

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