Health & Wellness

Balance is important

Health department help Edna Manley College students maintain healthy lifestyles and cope with changing academic pressures, difficult personal circumstances, or turning points in their lives.
Edna Manley Health Services
Offers comprehensive health care for students: routine care and “well visits,” as well as care for illness. Services include pharmacy, lab, x-ray, immunizations and health education. Medical advice and emergency services available around the clock.
Counseling and Psychological Services
Provides free and confidential assessment, crisis intervention, and brief psychotherapy to all Edna Manley College students. Staff will also consult with students, faculty and staff who are concerned about the well being of a student.
Recreational Sports and Fitness
Have fun and stay healthy! Visit one of Edna Manley College’s fitness centers or stay active through intramural teams, club sports, and physical education classes.