How to Apply

Get started with your registration in 6 easy steps

Complete Application Form


Download and Complete the application form. 
Or apply online here.

Application attracts a $1,000.00 and for late registration $1,500. The application fee is non-refundable and must be paid when you submit your application and supporting documents.

Submission of Supporting Documents

Applicants will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Application Fee Receipt
  • Birth Certificate*
  • Marriage Certificate* (if applicable)
  • Deed Poll* (if applicable)
  • Transcripts*
  • CXC/GCE Certificates*
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation**
  • 2 Certified passport-sized photographs***

*The original and copies of these documents should be presented for verification after which the originals will be returned. Notarized copies will be accepted, in the absence of originals.
**Letters of recommendation are accepted from:

  1. Principal/Teacher of previous school
  2. Justice of the Peace
  3. Minister of Religion
  4. Police Officers (Gazetted Ranks)
  5. Attorney-at-law
  6. Community Leaders

***Identical photographs must be notarized by one of the following officials who are not members of the applicant’s family and have been personally acquainted with the applicant for no less than 12 months:

•    Member of Parliament
•    Justice of the Peace
•    Attorney-at-law
•    Bank Manager
•    Marriage Officers
•    Medical Practitioners
•    Veterinarian
•    High Court Judge
•    Public Officer (SEG 1 or above)
•    Credit Union Manager
•    Army Officer (Major and above)
•    Police Officer (Gazetted Ranks)
•    School Principal (Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Institutions)
•    Resident Magistrate
•    Consular Officer
•    Parish Councillor
•    Clerk of Courts
•    Dental Surgeon

The official is asked to certify the reverse side of one photograph of the applicant, with the following inscription above his/her signature: “I certify that this is a true photograph of  (INSERT APPLICANT’S NAME AND DATE) “

Proficiency Tests

Provided that there are no outstanding documents, applicants are invited to sit the College’s English and IT Proficiency Tests.

Applicant Evaluations

Various dates are issued for applicants to be evaluated. Evaluations will take different forms depending on your School of choice and may include auditions and/or portfolio assessment, drawing exams, music tests and interviews.


Selection will be made after the auditions are completed in the respective Schools. The information on the selected applicants are sent to the Registry from where letters of acceptance, rejection or pending, in the case of students awaiting examination results, will be sent to you with requisite information.


Once you are accepted you will be sent an Acceptance Package consisting of:
•    Acceptance Letter (Pending or Full)
•    Admissions Response Form
•    Registration Procedures and Policy
•    Medical Questionnaire
•    Medical Letter (New & Returning)
•    Parent Orientation Letter
•    Orientation Schedule
•    Physical Fitness Form (School of Dance & Drama students only)
•    Fee Schedule/Invoice (Local & International)
•    Payment Voucher
•    Health Insurance Application Form
•    Immigration Checklist (International Students only)
•    Preliminary Qualifying (PQ) Registration Form
•    Registration Steps for New Students
•    Fee Payment Policy
•    Examination Letter

NB: Students from the rural areas and overseas should apply for accommodation by April, due to limited space available on the Hostel.

Registration forms are also available at the Registry Department. If you apply online, all required documents must still be submitted to the Registry for verification. Application for admission to the EMCVPA should be completed in duplicate and returned, with the supporting documents and application fee to:

Email (Subject: Application Semester I):


The Registry Department,
Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts,
1 Arthur Wint Drive,
Kingston 5.

Inside Admissions

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Download & Print the 6 step checklist and application form The application form can also be filled out electronically using Adobe Acrobat Reader. International Students: Application information

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