Student Housing

Hall of Residence – Scarlet Hall

Housing is situated on campus and offers self-catering accommodation to students. Nestled in the heart of the Kingston metropolitan area, it is in close proximity to major shopping areas, such as New Kingston, Half-Way-Tree, Cross Roads and Downtown. Its location allows residents to have easy access to supermarkets, restaurants, stores, banks, galleries, theatres and hospitals.

The Hall of Residence comprises three blocks, which accommodate approximately ninety (90) residents. Each block houses thirty (30) rooms. There are five (5) households on each block with six (6) rooms in each household.

Accommodation on campus is usually single occupancy, designed with the concept of six residents forming a household; each having an individual bedroom, while sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities. Each bedroom is furnished with a bed with drawers, a desk, chairs, a closet and a night table.

Housing fees are paid annually, or per semester; plus a Caution Fee, which is held against damage to the facilities.

Eligibility for Housing

Accommodation on the Hall of Residence is limited. Therefore housing is only available to full-time students (those who have registered for twelve (12) or more credits-hours per semester). Housing is not guaranteed for either new or returning students.

Each year, students are required to re-apply for housing (by the stipulated deadline date) and should know that housing for the next academic year is not guaranteed. Student housing closes at the end of the second semester (generally the weekend after the last final exam), at which time residents are expected to vacate housing.

Summer Housing

There is limited summer housing available. Students are required to apply for summer housing by the stipulated deadline date. Summer housing is not guaranteed.

Returning students who have an outstanding balance on their housing fees are ineligible for housing the next academic year.

Conditions of Acceptance

Upon acceptance, prospective residents are required to sign a contractual agreement for the FULL College academic year. Under the College’s Regulation, acceptance of a housing placement is for the FULL academic year. NO refund will be paid in the event of early departure. Residents are required and expected to abide by all the rules governing student housing.

For further information on housing, call 876-619-3362 (edna), ext. 2203. Email: Meleisia Marshall –, or Kimberly Roach –


The Residence Life staff also includes Resident Coordinators who oversee student welfare. The Resident Coordinators assist with programming for residents, ensure that residence halls function smoothly, and that housing regulations are up-held.