Policies, Rules and Regulations


All registered students, academic and senior administrative staff of the college have access to the library and its services. Students enrolled in other tertiary institutions, such as the University of the West Indies, who are pursuing joint EMCVPA courses, are registered students of the college, and must display a valid identification card to access the services of the library.

Researchers, students and staff of other colleges, and other individuals may access the library at the discretion of the College Librarian, and upon payment of the necessary fees if applicable.


The loan periods and quantity of materials depend on the type of material being borrowed.

Type of Materials No. of Items Loan Period
Reserved Books Collection (Overnight) 2 Overnight
Reserved Books Collection (Reading Room) 2 3 Hours
Open Shelves Materials 3 7 Working Days
Periodicals 3 Overnight
Slides * No Limitation


* Slides are available for loan only for class presentations or seminars. The following materials are not available for external loans: DVDs and CD ROMs; Theses; Newspaper clippings; Audio and Videocassettes; and Vinyl records.


Fines are charged for each day a circulating material is kept past its due date.

Category of Material Fines
Reserved Book Collection $60.00 per day
Open Shelf Collection $20.00 per day
Periodicals $60.00 per day


The borrowing rights of users will be revoked when fines have reached a maximum of sixty dollars ($60.00). When fines are outstanding the College Librarian is authorized to advise the Registry and Bursary to charge the fine to the student’s personal account with the college. Subsequent penalties, such as the withholding of examination cards and results, as well as the deferral of the award of qualification upon graduation, will be administered.

Lost and stolen materials

The report of lost or stolen materials should be submitted promptly in writing to the College Librarian.

Lost and Found

As a courtesy to our users, personal items found in the library are held for pick up at the Circulation desks in the library.

Library Rules and Regulations

Use of the Library is subject to adherence to the following rules and regulations

  • Students are required to carry their Student Identification Card and must produce this when required by authorized Library personnel.
  • The ID card may be used only by its legitimate holder.
  • The removal of any material from the Library must be duly authorized and recorded.
  • Bags, briefcase or parcels are not allowed in the Library.
  • Silence is required within the Library at all times. Users causing disruption will be required to leave the Library.
  • Users caught defacing Library materials will be barred from the Library for a specified period, and caution fee will be withheld to cover all damages.

The following activities are prohibited within the Library:

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Library.
  • Food and/or drink are not allowed in the Library.
  • The use of cellular phones is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of compact disk players or other musical devices is strictly prohibited.