Full Time

Roger N. Williams, Dean
Lecturer – Piano and Music Theory MM (Performance) – Butler University, BM Summa Cum Laude (Performance) – University of Southern Maine, Diploma in Music Education (Hons) – Jamaica School of Music (Edna Manley College)

Andre Adman, Director of Studies
Bachelor of Music Education – Edna Manley College, Diploma in Music Education (JBTE) – Edna Manley College, Diploma ABRSM (Piano Performing) – Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

Ornisea Williams, Head of Department, Music Education

Orville Hammond, Head of Department, Performance

Michael Harris, Head of Department

Gerd Beyens, Head of Department, Theory & Musicology

Ruth Browne, Coordinator, Voice

Rafael Salazar, Coordinator, Wind

Stephen Shaw-Naar, Coordinator, Piano & Strings

Debbie Davidson, Lecturer

Kyran O’Connor, Lecturer

Trevelle Clarke-Whyne, Lecturer

Keturah Gray, Lecturer

William Eggleston, Lecturer

Carl Scharschmidt, Lecturer

Yuko Aoki, Lecturer

June Lawson, Lecturer

Michael “Ibo” Cooper, Lecturer

Derrick Stewart, Lecturer

Angela Elliott, Lecturer

Devon Richardson, Lecturer

Jon Williams, Lecturer

Jeremy Ashbourne, Lecturer

Jillian Castle, Lecturer

Darren Young, Lecturer

Alistair Petrie, Lecturer

Reuben Betty, Lecturer

Ana Strachan, Lecturer

Ann McNamee, Lecturer

Christopher Campbell, Lecturer

Shawn Richards, Lecturer

Gregory Simms, Lecturer

Derek Been, Engineer

Hazel Ramsay-McClune, Documentalist

Archie Dunkley, Accompanist

Christof Richards, Accompanist

Adrian Hemans, Accompanist