The College provides professional and technical training in the Arts, offering qualifications at the Bachelor, Associate Degree, Certificate and Studio Certificate Levels.
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A Minor is a coherent course of study that provides secondary concentration in a chosen field of study outside of the Major. Unlike declaring a college major, choosing a college minor is optional, however, it is hoped that many students would enrich their studies through this opportunity.

Minor Studies (MS) may be taken within or outside students’ Department/School. The Credit requirement for Minor Studies ranges from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 23 credits depending of the chosen programme and the Minor Alternative Studies (MAS) a minimum requirement of 18 credits.

Students may choose to pursue a Minor Studies (MS) programme or may also choose Interdisciplinary studies called Minor Alternative Studies (MAS). The Minor Alternative Studies programme allows students to select courses from all five (5) Schools to satisfy the minor studies credit requirement. Student who select the Minor Alternative Studies are required to fulfill a maximum of 20 credits. A maximum of 9 credits of the 23 required credits may be used to fulfill both major and minor requirement subject to the approval of the department/programme.


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