A Splendid Summer at the EMCVPA


The EMCVPA Summer School has been existence for over twenty years and continues to excel in offering a world class Arts programme for children from 4-18 years. Children between the ages of 4-11 years enjoy a kaleidoscopic experience in our integrated arts programme while 12-18 year-olds select an area of specialization in any one of the programmes – Music,

El numero Uno Edna Manley College

School of Drama celebrates Actor Boy Awards Nominations as they open new Play “El Numero Uno”

The School of Drama continues the tradition of excellence with  seven (7) Actor Boy Nominations including best costume and set design for the production ‘DOG’ written by former Director of the School of Drama Dennis Scott as well as best ensemble cast and best Children’s Theatre for the play ‘Plastic Things and Butterfly Wings’.