Health & Wellness

Health Services

The Doctor’s office and the Sick Bay are located on the Halls of Residence adjoining Block Two, and immediately to the right of the Halls of Residence Manager’s office. The sick bay has a two-bed capacity. A part-time doctor is on staff to cater to the medical needs of the campus community. Currently, the doctor is on campus two days per week.

Students are required to complete medicals bi-annually. The medical questionnaire, copy of the immunization card and blood test results must be submitted prior to registration. Dance and Drama students must also complete, and submit a physical fitness report.

The College nurse is full-time and caters to the health needs of the college population in the following ways:

  • Health screening
  • Health education
  • Attending to the emergencies occurring on campus
  • Referring students to other health care personnel as necessary
  • Co-ordinating and assisting with the transportation of students to the hospital

The Guidance Counsellor assists students with any challenges brought on by their adjustments to College life. We encourage students who are experiencing personal difficulties to seek assistance at the earliest possible time so that they have a better chance to regain a balance in their lives.

The Guidance Counsellor provides psychological counselling for a variety of issues including depression, stress, interpersonal conflict, bereavement and crisis management. Individual consultations are preferably done by appointment.

The Counselling Unit also coordinates select programmes designed to assist students with financial needs. The Jamaica Values and Attitudes (JAMVAT) programme, coordinated by the Ministry of Education, and the National Youth Service, coordinated by the Ministry of Youth, is one such where students conduct 200 hours of community service in exchange for 30% of their tuition. The Ministry of Education’s needy student fund is another, but is open to a limited number of very needy students.

Information about and application forms for some work and travel programmes can also be obtained at the Counselling Unit.

For assistance, students may call 876-619-3362 (edna), ext. 2207, or visit the Guidance Counsellor’s Office located beside the Marketing Department. All services are confidential.