Our Services

The Library offers a wide range of services that are geared towards satisfying users.

Reference and circulation services

Reference services are aimed at matching the needs of users with the available resources within the library. To access Reference Services, you may visit the Circulation Desk during the Library’s opening hours. Also available is our Personalized Research Consultation Service with our Librarians during specified office hours.

  • Ask a Librarian – E-mail (library@emc.edu.jm), or telephone 1-876-968-0785.
  • Renewals – Open Shelf materials may be renewed for a further loan period provided these have not been previously reserved by another reader.
  • Current awareness bulletins – Information on newly acquired books and journals are circulated via email to lecturers and staff. A list of new arrivals is placed on notice boards, and a small display is done upon new arrivals of textbooks.
Internet access

EMCVPA students and staff can access the Internet by visiting the computer laboratory at the Library, or other locations on the campus such as, the School of Visual Arts computer labs, or the computer laboratory upstairs in the Multimedia Building. Students with laptops can gain access to the Internet at various hot spots across the campus.

Word processing printing

The Library provides access to computers from which assignments may be printed at a cost.

Referral Letters to other academic libraries

Students requiring access to other libraries off campus can pick up a letter from the College Librarian’s Office.

Reprography services

Students have access to the printing and photocopying services at the Copy Centre. They are able to send their assignments for printing, at a cost, to the Copy Centre.  They will pick up their assignments at that location. Photocopy machines are also available at the Copy Centre, where they can submit their copy requests. Users are required to comply with the Jamaica Copyright Act.  See also Guidelines for Photocopying and Printing Services.

Reservation of books

Books on loan may be reserved by users. A notification will be sent to them once materials become available.

Selective dissemination of information

Periodically, information may be packaged for educational and research purposes. Contact your Librarians.

Information Literacy Sessions

At the beginning of each academic year, the library provides sessions on searching the Internet, databases and other online resources that are available within the library. Additionally, instruction is provided to help you improve your research skills, in order successfully identify information for your research.

E-mail Notices

Users are encouraged to submit their E-mail addresses at the Circulations Desk at the beginning of each semester in order to receive email notices, bulletins, and happenings in the library.

Audiovisual Usage Forms

Persons interested in receiving extracts of EMCVPA recordings are encouraged to fill out the forms and submit them to the College Librarian’s office.

Book Orders

Faculty, staff and students may submit recommendations for textbooks and other resources to support the curriculum. It is advised that these recommendations are to be submitted to the College Librarian in March of each academic year. Once these items are ordered, they will be a part of the Library’s collection, and will be available on various loan periods.


www.turnitin.com is used to help students to write better essays and research papers. Lecturers are able to assist students in the writing process by providing students with feedback on the originality of what they have submitted. Contact the College Librarian to make queries about getting your own username and password.