Areas of the Library

The Edward Seaga Library and Resource Centre is located in the Multimedia Building.

Ground Floor

The Reference and Circulation Services Area is on the ground floor. It includes the Reserved Books Collection (RBC) and Ready Reference Books. There is also a Computer Laboratory where students can do their assignments and research. The Technical Services area is also on the ground floor. This is where books are processed before they are placed in the various collections.

On the ground floor, students and staff have access to the Photocopy Centre where reprographic services such as printing and copying in colour and black and white are done. Students and staff using the library are required to leave all their luggage and bags at the Baggage Room.

Upper Floor

On the upper floor, there is the Music Collection Area, Open Shelves Collections, Periodicals Collections, and Slides Collection.

The Music Collection area is equipped with a Listening and Viewing Room, where users (staff and students) may consult audiovisual resources such as cassettes, CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. Individuals and groups may book the rooms to use them. A large collection of vinyl records and music scores are also housed in the Music Collection area. The offices of the Librarians are on both the upper and lower floors.

On the Ground Floor 

Technical Services Area | Reserved Books Collection | Photocopy Centre | Baggage Room | Deputy College Librarian’s Office

On the Upper Floor 

Music Collection | Librarian’s Office |Open Shelves Collections | Periodicals Collection | Slides Collection | Librarian’s Office | College Librarian’s Office