Tuition and Fees

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Financing your Tuition

At the EMCVPA we offer you various ways to finance your tuition.

Semester Payment Plan
Students can benefit from a tuition payment plan where tuition fees can be paid in two (2) installments of 50% at the beginning of each semester. This plan attracts a tuition installment fee.

Scholarship & Bursaries
Scholarships are available for registered students who are Jamaican nationals and have successfully completed at least one year of study at the College with a minimum B average. View list of available Scholarships

Tuition and Fees Schedule for 2020-21 for Local Students

as approved by the Ministry of Education.
Download and view the EMCVPA Local Fee Schedule for 2020-2021

Tuition and Fees Schedule for 2020-21 for UWI/EMCVPA students

as approved by the Ministry of Education.
Download and view the UWI/EMCVPA Local Fee Schedule 2020-2021 [Temporarily Unavailable]

Tuition and Fees Schedule for 2018-19 for International Students

Download and view the International Tuition and Fee Schedule for 2020-2021

Fees for Incoming Exchange Students

Download and view Exchange Student Fee Schedule for 2018-2019 [Temporarily Unavailable]

Tuition and Fees Payment Policy

ALL tuition, ancillary and Hall of Residence fees are due and payable before or by the start of the academic year. Students will be invoiced for the academic year. Read a complete outline of the policy here.

Tuition and Fees Payment Option

Each student is to review and select a payment option that is best suitable to him/her. Once selected, the student will be held liable for such fees.

Below are the fee payment options available.

  1. Full Payment
  2. Semester Plan
  3. Student Loan Bureau (SLB)
  4. National Youth Service (NYS) / JAMVAT
  5. Full Scholarship
  6. Partial Scholarship
  7. International and Regional Students

Tuition and Fees Increase

Tuition for the EMCVPA are set by the Ministry of Education, Jamaica. However, students should budget for an annual minimum 10% increase of tuition fees. Personal expenses are estimated. Therefore the costs listed under Expenses and Fees are the College’s best estimate at the time of
publication. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.