Admissions Process


Applying to EMCVPA

You can apply for admission to the EMCVPA 2 ways –

  • Online
  • Download Application forms

Registration forms are also available at the Registry Department. If you apply online, all required documents must still be submitted to the Registry for verification.

Application for admission to the EMCVPA should be completed in duplicate and returned, with the supporting documents and application fee to:

The Registry Department,
Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts,
1 Arthur Wint Drive,
Kingston 5.

Application Period

  • The application period commences October 1 and ends on January 31 of the following year. An extended registration runs to March 31 at a fee.
  • Application forms are processed between January and June of each year.  After processing checklist, applicants are invited to sit the College English Proficiency Test.

Admissions Process


  • All applicants are required to sit the Edna Manley College’s English Proficiency Test as a part of the College’s requirement for entrance.
  • One of the College’s policies is, ‘Students must be able to understand rapid, idiomatic English and to express themselves clearly in speech and writing’.
  • The test is administered by the Registry and attracts a fee. This is non-refundable.


Schools of the Performing Arts:
School of Music:

  • A performance of an instrumental or vocal work of your choice.
  • A short oral/aural examination in basic ear training and sight singing.
  • A written theoretical examination paper taken from the School’s placement test.

School of Dance:

  • A performance of a solo dance work of your choice.
  • Participation in two dance technique classes (Caribbean Traditional Folk and Modern).
  • An interview by the panel.

School of Drama:

  • Prepare and present two dramatic monologues (one Dialect, the other Standard English).
  • Complete an exercise in comprehension, grammar and analytical skills.
  • An interview regarding your study objectives and your commitment and financial preparedness for the selected programme of study.

Arts Management Programme

  • Applicants in the Arts Management Programme are required to attend an interview.

School of the Visual Arts:

  • Attend an interview.
  • A portfolio of a minimum of fifteen (15) pieces of artwork.
  • The portfolio should represent the candidate’s development and provide the interview panel with an indication of interests and strengths. Your ability to draw should be represented throughout the portfolio.
  • The work presented might include still-life, landscape, portraits and figure drawings and should demonstrate your use of colour and sense of composition.
  • Three-dimensional work, sculpture and crafts may also be presented.

General Entry Requirements

  • Visual Arts at the CXC level is mandatory only for the School of Visual Art. However, where a candidate does not have CXC Art, his/her Portfolio should provide the assessment committee with unequivocal proof of his/her art potential in the visual arts.
  • English Literature at the CXC Level is recommended only for the School of Drama.


In addition to meeting similar educational requirements to that of our local students, international students are required to:

  • Send a videotape/DVD of performance for assessment for the Schools of Dance and Drama.
  • An audio cassette or CD for the School of Music.