My first year experience: A series of interesting events (Part 1)

Like most shared experiences, some things will hold true for all involved but other things will be, well, unique, and mine is no different. As an international student, I will attempt to help you have an even better first year experience than I did with lessons from my mistakes, as well as a few helpful heads ups.

My story starts with a mistake actually, and in hindsight this one was pretty avoidable.

Waiting until the last minute to book your Caribbean Airline flight to Jamaica is the worst idea I didn’t even know I had, and it left me four weeks late for school.

Can we talk about “back a de bus?”

Navigating entirely new surroundings to settle into, while playing catch up was like running, on a treadmill, on an incline, around corners, made of lava. Save yourself!

I will never forget my first (waking) morning in room 9, Block 1 of the Scarlet Hall of Residence. The soft sounds of a practicing violinist waft through my window and washed away the jet lag and the anxieties of confusion. At that moment, I knew I was where I always wanted to be. Living and learning in a space, inhabited by insanely talented creatives. A place to be inspired.

I was ready… or so I thought.

Join me next week to find out more about my intriguing and sometimes daunting first year experiences. Who knows, it could help you to navigate moving to a new country to study a bit easier!

By Jaycie Lewis

Jaycie Lewis.

Jaycie Lewis is an Antiguan final year student at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, School of Drama. She is pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Theatre Arts. She is passionate about culture, politics and social justice, and intends to investigate and discuss issues surrounding these topics through her art. Connect with Jaycie on Instagram @aurajae

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