EMCVPA Student Council’s first Feel Good Friday a success!

The sense of satisfaction and well-being that we refer to as ‘feeling good’ is a powerful source of relief from sadness and a great antidote to ill-health. The therapeutic value of this ‘feel good’ energy, which is very important, especially for young people, is part of the motivation behind the fun-filled event called Feel Good Friday.

Organized by the EMCVPA Student Council association, the first event was held on Friday, September 28, 2018, on the Deck from 4:30pm- 8:00pm, with the aim of giving students of the college a chance to “unwind likkle bit” from the hectic weeks of class and assignments. According to Miss Venessa Riley, (Council Treasurer), the Council placed extra emphasis on encouraging participation among the first year students as a means of retaining their zeal, capitalizing on their bright eyed and bushy tailed energy, and helping them to hold on to their passion.

The event will be held every second and fourth Friday at a different venue each time. Miss Riley explained that part of the rationale behind this moving around of the event, is in the hope of keeping the idea fresh and exciting as the students will eagerly await each new poster to find out where the next Feel Good Friday is being held.

The sound of laughter and an atmosphere of excitement permeated the deck as the students enjoyed competing in bouts of Ludo, domino and cards, in an evening that was filled with amusement, music and games. It provided a wonderful opportunity that allowed the students to bond with their peers and reduce their stress levels.

After the Feel Good Friday event, a bus took a number of students up to the University of Technology (Utech) “Freshers Fete”, in an effort to extend the energy, and create a bond with the other universities around Kingston. The student council also organized buses to take the students to the parties at the various universities as a way of encouraging reciprocity – thereby encouraging persons to come to our fetes and other events, and helping all the tertiary institutions around the city to connect and interact on a larger scale.

So, what are you doing next Feel Good Friday?

By Kanille Brudy

EMCVPA  Student Council – International Representative


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