A Splendid Summer at the EMCVPA


The EMCVPA Summer School has been existence for over twenty years and continues to excel in offering a world class Arts programme for children from 4-18 years. Children between the ages of 4-11 years enjoy a kaleidoscopic experience in our integrated arts programme while 12-18 year-olds select an area of specialization in any one of the programmes – Music, Dance, Drama or Visual Arts. They are exposed to a world that brings their imagination alive through the various art forms using methods of storytelling, re-enactment and performance.

The summer school also offers a special programme in the School of Dance for adults especially teachers of dance and dance companies emphasizing Afro-Caribbean Dance. This year the EMC offered classes with special guest -Uganda’s foremost Dance Educator and Choreographer Mabingo Afdaniels. The dance programme is led by the Faculty of the School of Dance and also includes e a wide selection of techniques highlighting Caribbean Folk, Reggae- Based Modern and Ballet styles.  

The School of Visual Arts also offers adult courses in Animation (with a special summer programme for teens), Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics Textiles and photography.

Adult programmes are also offered in the School of Music in any instrument – drums, guitar, piano and woodwind instruments as well as vocal studies.  

All the summer programmes at the EMCVPA are designed to engage and appeal to individuals at all levels of artistic experience, from beginners to professional artists guided by a cadre of well-trained, accomplished artiste/artist ensuring that every participant is exposed to the best trainers in arts.

Take a look at EMCVPA’s 2017 Summer School Photos…

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