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image1 (4)Ackeem Poyser


This is the journey of a former math teacher burdened by schizophrenia, who tries to cope with the stresses of a dissolving marriage and a custody battle over his daughter.






ATT_1433169988800_IMG-20150528-WA0016Kerisha Nelson

Impelled Female Promiscuity

In this play You will see what happens when a church woman is forced to be promiscuous. This play will show a woman who has to step out of her own reality to please herself. A battle between the bible and sin!!!!






image1Chrystal Cole






image1 (3)O’Neisha Heron

Enough Said

The story of an innocent teenager traumatized by the truth behind her adoption. Are you a victim of sexual and physical abuse? Do you know anyone who is? Come on out to watch the journey of Sumesha’s life.






image1 (2)Kamille Smith

Tormented Love

Tormented Love displays the life of three women and their circumstances in which they face and how they tackle their situation’s.






Daniella Blakeimage1 (1)

Whitewash: Unmasking Hypocrisies in Black Identity

After a childhood of discrimination and bullying because of her distinct African features, aspiring performer Esmeralda conforms to pressure from pop culture and bleaches her skin and straightens her hair only to face the hypocritical accusations that she has betrayed Black and African identity. Ultimately, Whitewash poses the question: Is Black and African identity defined by appearance or history?


The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts has been through several stages in its evolution. The four Schools—Drama, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts—started out at different locations in Kingston. Two of the Schools, namely the School of Art and the School of Music, are historic because of their establishment in 1951 and 1961 respectively, before the island gained its independence from Britain in 1962.

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