Alexis Peskine and The Acu-Painting Workshop in Jamaica

ALEXIS PESKINE, a French-Brazillian artist who is well known for his Acu-Painting Technique, has teamed up with AYA CONSULTANCY & TRAINING SOLUTIONS to bring his series of multidisciplinary workshops across the African Diaspora to Kingston, Jamaica for the very first time at EDNA MANLEY COLLEGE OF THE VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS along with the support of the BRAZILIAN EMBASSY, THE FRENCH EMBASSY and SUPER VALU HOME CENTRE.

“A vision that would take 18 months to become a reality…”

Struck by the quality of his work, the strength of his artistic message and an avid curiosity for our world, Muna Lobé, of AYA Consultancy & Training Solutions contacted Peskine in late 2013 with the idea of an artistic collaboration. The meeting of the two, which began as a simple conversation between two art lovers, two travellers, two dreamers turned into The Acu-Painting Workshop, a collaborative artistic and educational project hosted by EMCVPA, the leading entity in the Caribbean artist landscape.

The Workshop encompasses all the elements of Peskine’s creative process: from Fashion to Photography to Graphic Design to Painting to Sculpture and resulting in colossal crafted works of art. The participants in the Workshop are everything but passive learners and form an integral part in the creative process in producing a chiseled, ageless and absolutely unique body of work.

The Acu-Painting Jamaica Exhibition will be open for public viewing at Devon House on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 at 4:00 P.M.


Interested patrons can engage with the Acu-Painting Workshop team on social media using the hashtag #acupaintingja or interact with Alexis Peskine & The Acu-Painting Workshop in Jamaica on Tumblr and Facebook.

Alexis Peskine and The Acu-Painting Workshop, Jamaica.

The Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts has been through several stages in its evolution. The four Schools—Drama, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts—started out at different locations in Kingston. Two of the Schools, namely the School of Art and the School of Music, are historic because of their establishment in 1951 and 1961 respectively, before the island gained its independence from Britain in 1962.

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