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The School of Drama, formerly the Theatre School, was established in 1968 by Henry and Greta Fowler, and operated as a part-time institution ran by the Little Theatre Movement. The institution grew out of a need for a centre where the already native theatrical talents of the Caribbean people could be trained and directed into an art form; consequently the School provides opportunities for developing talent in performance. Intrinsic to the history of its formation, the School of Drama also trains teachers sensitive to the developing artist in a developing nation.

The Role of Productions and Workshops in Curriculum
The major productions of the School provide a pivotal vehicle through which the students integrate and demonstrate skills being learnt in their relevant programmes. Each year the school provides senior students with valuable theatre experience by staging four (4) major productions that are directed by Faculty members and/or guest directors. Workshop productions of short plays are also produced each year under the directorship of senior students as part of their directing class assessment. Final year BFA students stage a one person production based on a research conducted during the year.


  • Acting
  • Voice & Speech
  • Drama in Education
  • Costume Design
  • Set Design
  • Stage Management
  • Movement for Actors
  • Improvisation
  • Directing
  • Production
  • West Indian Drama
  • Playwriting
  • Theatre for Children
  • Theatre and Development
  • Caribbean Culture in Performance