Going to College is a life changing experience.  The environment necessarily forces the development of the student, their mind, their thoughts, their opinions, who they are.  For some people it may be the first time they live independently.  Whether or not this is their first time, students have to juggle aspects of life such as money, accommodation, health, relationships, family and future career plans.  This can be overwhelming, especially when “life happens” and the unexpected arises.

Expect to have two colds in an academic year.  Expect the printer to chew up a vital piece of your work just before a deadline.  Expect to meet personal challenges at the most inappropriate times during your study.  You will find ways of managing these, and if you need a bit of a hand, you should know that Student Services are not for the unusual students.  Even winners have bad days!

Last year 68% of our students who graduated had used the services of Student Services. Join them in actively taking control of your life and finding solutions.

The following information is provided to help make your life both at St Andrews and after you’ve graduated a little easier.

Life experience during your degree, as well as studying, students have a great deal of everyday matters to attend to. If the practical aspects of life are disrupting your life in a negative way, the minimum study will be achieved. Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts is aware that the unexpected can and will happen, and if you keep us informed of what’s going on, we can support you better. Experience has shown us that the students who get into most difficulties are the ones that don’t seek help and don’t let the University know what’s happened.